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A Visionary Legacy Since 1955

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Our journey in the optical business spans over six decades, beginning in 1955 with the vision of Sh. Gian Singh Arora. In 1969, he realized his dream by establishing ARORA OPTICAL CO. His dedication and commitment inspired the next generation, as his son, Sh. Randhir Singh Arora, joined the business in 1972.

In 1996, a new chapter began when the third generation, consisting of cousins Samrat Arora and Navdeep Singh Arora, embarked on their own venture, ARORA SONS OPTICS. With a bond forged in a joint family upbringing, their partnership is not just one of business but also that of best friends, akin to brothers. Today, they proudly mark 27 years together.

Our journey commenced from a single store in Shop No. 35 in Sector 22-D, Chandigarh. Over the years, we’ve expanded to accommodate our growing family of customers, first by acquiring Shop No. 26 in 2012, and now, in 2023, by adding Shop No. 27 to our premises.

As we step into the future, the fourth generation is poised to carry forward this enduring legacy. Rajbir Singh Arora, son of Samrat Arora, joins us after completing his studies in Canada and gaining international exposure in the optical field. Our commitment to quality and service remains unwavering as we welcome the future with open arms

Our Vision

Setting the Standards in Optical

Our journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of quality,
innovation, and customer satisfaction. We take immense pride in the trust our loyal customers have placed in us over the years, and it fuels our commitment to always offer the latest in optical technology and the finest eyewear selections.

Our dedicated team of experienced opticians and friendly staff is committed to providing personalised, expert guidance to each customer who walks through our doors. From comprehensive eye examinations to helping you choose the perfect frames or lenses, our goal is to ensure your visual clarity, comfort, and style.

Moreover, our deep-rooted values of integrity, honesty, and customer-centric service continue to guide us in every interaction. Our vision always remains crystal clear – to set the highest standards in optical care and uphold the legacy established by Sh. Gian Singh Arora in 1955.


our mission

Our mission at Arora Sons Optics is to provide more than just eyewear; it’s to deliver a vision of excellence. We aim to be your trusted partner in preserving and enhancing your precious gift of sight. This mission drives us to constantly evolve, innovate, and stay at the forefront of optical advancements.

We are dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding your expectations, ensuring that your experience with us is marked by unparalleled quality, personalized care, and a commitment to your visual well-being.

As we move forward with the fourth generation, our mission remains
steadfast – to set the standards in optical excellence and to continue
being your unwavering beacon of vision care and style. We look forward to serving you and your family for generations to come.


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Join the journey towards optical excellence, where tradition meets innovation
and your vision matters most.

Ray Ban available at Arora Sons Optics, Sector 22, Chandigarh
Arora Sons Interior
Join The Journey arora sons optical
Arora Sons Interior
Join The Journey arora sons optical

our services

Elevate your vision with our curated collection of sunglasses, contact lenses, and prescription glasses. Our comprehensive services include precise eye
examinations and tailored eyewear solutions for your ultimate clarity and style.

Eye Examination available at Arora Sons Optics, Sector 22, Chandigarh

Eye Examination

Precision Vision Care with State-of-the-art Technology, Tailored Just for You.

Eyeglasses And Contact Lenses At Arora Sons Optics, Sector 22, Chandigarh

Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

Clarity and Comfort Through
Customized Eyewear Solutions

Arora Sons Optics Interior

Sunglasses & Frames

Prescription Sunglasses

Elevate Your Style with Designer Shades tailored to perfectly suit your vision